EuroSTAR – Star – Mary Walshe

This is a short series leading up to Christmas where I feature a tester that was at EuroSTAR 2014, who I personally believe you, my readers, will benefit from knowing.

Today is Mary Walshe.

Mary Walshe at EuroSTAR 2014
Mary Walshe at EuroSTAR 2014

I attended Mary’s talk on “Why Should I Be Concerned with the Availability Heuristic”. I learned a lot from Mary’s talk and took away the idea of a “waste snake” (a snake that you can stick post-its to describing observed waste in the process) and the Popcorn flow of change, first introduced by Claudio Perrone.

This was Mary’s first talk and to be honest, it was awesome. The talk was very well received by the audience and Mary had a load of questions after the session, and the talk itself had little to do with testing – it was more about process improvement.

You can find Mary on Twitter – @mary_walshe

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  1. I agree 200%
    The waste snake is definitively something we will try with my team, all people I talked to about this are very enthousiastic about the idea. 🙂

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