EuroSTAR – Star – James Christie

This is a short series leading up to Christmas where I feature a tester that was at EuroSTAR 2014, who I personally believe you, my readers, will benefit from knowing.

Today’s tester is James Christie.

James Christie at EuroSTAR 2014
James Christie at EuroSTAR 2014

I’ve known James for a while now and he’s recently been sharing his strong views on the new testing standard ISO 29119.

James used to be an auditor and this provides a unique perspective on the insanity of simply complying with checklists and regulations without understanding why they may be helpful.

James’ talk at EuroSTAR this year was about a similar topic “The Triumph of Process Over Purpose” – an experience report of his time working on a high profile UK Gov project. It was a great talk full of the woes around why strict process adherence matters to some companies/organisations and why it’s not always the right thing to do. Really great talk. It left me wondering though how we stop the insanity of starting projects we know to be doomed from the outset.

You can find James on Twitter – @james_christie

He blogs on his website –