EuroSTAR – Star – Declan O’Riordan

This is a short series leading up to Christmas where I feature a tester that was at EuroSTAR 2014, who I personally believe you, my readers, will benefit from knowing.

Next up is Declan O’Riordan.

Declan O'Riordan
Declan O’Riordan

Before EuroSTAR 2014 I’d met Declan a couple of times and seen him present a good talk at SIGIST.

I didn’t get a chance to see his talk at EuroSTAR this year but I did hear very good things about it.

However, Declan did win this years “Best Conference Paper”.

When he collected the award he did a passionate acceptance speech as Dublin holds special memories for Declan and his family. It was clear how much the award meant to Declan and it was a fitting end to a great conference. Declan also got the ‘Do-over session’, a chance to run his presentation again. “The Do-Over Session is a repeat of the best conference session as decided by conference attendees”

Here’s some text from Declan on why it meant so much:

“The motivation for speaking in Dublin was to pay a belated tribute to my father who died the week after my son was born in June 2006. He’s the one on the right in the photo below. I didn’t have time to mourn when he died because I had my hands full with a new baby and a very demanding job. When Paul Gerrard announced 2014 would be in Dublin it triggered a lot of emotion, and the energy to give it a go. I’m massively grateful to everyone who helped me along the way, especially the EuroSTAR, TMF and SIGiST organizers, speakers and delegates. It has been an amazing journey!”

Declan's Father during the war years
Declan’s Father during the war years


You can find Declan on Twitter.