EuroSTAR – Star – Amy Phillips

This is a short series leading up to Christmas where I feature a tester that was at EuroSTAR 2014, who I personally believe you, my readers, will benefit from knowing.

Next up is Amy Phillips.

Amy Phillips at EuroSTAR 2014
Amy Phillips at EuroSTAR 2014

I didn’t get a chance to see Amy’s talk at this years conference but I did see her at last years and it was a great talk.

It’s really the first year that I have spoken to Amy properly and she’s a joy to talk to. She’s so incredibly passionate about the company she works for, SongKick, and the kind of testing that she is doing. It’s always great to meet fellow testers who see their role as helping the company succeed and not just through testing.

Amy is a great ambassador for SongKick. Amy is like a growing number of testers who are becoming brand evangelists intent on improving their company’s ability to ship software but also promoting that work to the wider tech community.

You can find Amy on Twitter –

Amy blogs here –

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