EuroSTAR 2014

It’s been a week since the EuroSTAR 2014 conference kicked off and I’m still trying to digest everything I learned.
This years conference was one of the best I’ve been to for a number of reasons.
The talks were very forward looking in some respects – they seemed to show me the future of what testing will be (Internet Of Things, Lean and Kanban in testing, Mobile testing challenges, DevOps).
It was my first proper Keynote which pushed me even further out of my comfort zone.
The vibe was really relaxed. There were lots of community activities and lots of discussions happening around the event.
The Test Lab seemed a lot busier than usual and was back to back with the community hub meaning it became a central place for discussions.
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The social events were really good.
A lot of my good friends in testing were there this year – and this makes a huge difference (a lot of my good friends weren’t able to make it this year though sadly) 🙁
Last year and this year seemed to show more clearly the move I’ve personally seen in the industry – a shift away from the Test “phase” to a more continuous testing lifecycle. A lifecycle where the testers do less testing at the back-end of the project, but they have way more input in to the design, code and building of the software.
This highlighted itself quite clearly in the discussions I had with many of my peers – we find ourselves in a strange place where we do a wider range of activities than testing (management, leadership, recruiting, strategy, support, marketing, evangelism of our company’s brand) – basically whatever it takes to ship great software and make the business a success. Is it as simple as start-up versus established company? I don’t think it is. I’ll be exploring this idea next year on this blog.
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Next year EuroSTAR is in Maastricht, Netherlands and is chaired by Ruud Teunissen – the theme is “Walking the Testing Talk”. I’m very much hoping I can make it to next years conference. The call for papers is out now – and the most cost effective way to get to a conference – is to present at it 🙂
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Some more photos can be found over on my g+ page