End of one thing. Start of another.

First, I’d like to say Thank You. Thank you for being loyal readers and for being here with me over the last 6 or so years on The Social Tester.

It’s been a really tough decisions but I’ve decided to call a temporary (maybe permanent) hold on this The Social Tester blog. I rarely do any hand-on testing anymore and my role has moved to management and strategy of agile, rather than only managing testers.

Of course my role still does include managing elements of testing so I’ll still be writing about testing but also other topics such as management, agile, process, systems thinking, recruitment and personal development type stuff.

I ummed and arrghed about sticking with the social tester blog but I’ve decided to move to another blog. It’s an experiment really but I’m keen to give it a try and see how I get on.

I’ve started the new blog and added a few post already.

My new online writing will be over on the Cultivated Management blog. I do hope you’ll join me over on that blog for more writing about testing, management and agile software development.

I’m still on Twitter at @rob_lambert and LinkedIn as usual. I’m still speaking at mostly testing conferences for this year too.

I look forward to sharing my new ideas about software development and testing with you over on Cultivated Management. And thanks again for being with me on this blog and for all of the kind comments and support.