The Diary Of A Test Manager – book

The Diary Of A Test Manager

The story of our end of project disaster has been fairly well documented and in some circles it has become legend, but all reports of what happened are missing some- thing. That something is called the “Truth”.

It’s with a heavy heart that I tell this story of my time as a Test Manager, for I now find myself on the job market awaiting my next role. A role I suspect is only going to come from someone who does not know of me and my linking to the disasters that happened at CBPBOS. Despite the heavy heart I can be proud of the staff I managed, despite only being there for just 3 weeks.

In that time all of the test team resigned, the software was shipped with over 9000 known high severity bugs and I don’t think I managed to successfully upload a single test report to the ridiculously complicated systems. Saying that though, I believe I han- dled my role with integrity, approached the job with passion and dedication, at least in the first two days, and handled myself with professionalism at each turn.

Despite all of this I still find myself being blamed for the debacle that happened on release of the software. Sure, 300 people received incorrect summonses, 150 people had their accounts deleted, 927 people were incorrectly marked as “illegal alien” and the British Industry took a whopping £8.7 mil- lion loss due to our system taking out part of the banking infrastructure…but it wasn’t my fault. I was only there a few weeks. I had barely sat down before I left.

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