SupportOps – a resource for those supporting a service

Shipping software is important but so too is supporting a service or product – especially as there will always be issues and service challenges.

As such it’s always worth knowing more about how to support a service from pros doing it on the front line of some pretty impressive companies.

That’s why I thought I would share with you a great resource I’ve been tuned in to for some time now called SupportOps. On the SupportOps site there are plenty of articles and links to helpful stuff but the one thing that’s pretty awesome is their weekly SupportOps hangout.

SupportOps is run by Chase Clemons from Basecamp and features Carolyn Kopprasch from Buffer, Chase Livingston from Automattic and Jeff Vincent from Wistia. Each week they tackle an interesting challenge facing those who support web based products.

Here’s a couple of standout hangouts:

I like their manifesto to supporting products and services too.

We believe these things
Customers matter.
 Say what you mean and mean what you say.
 Customers are human. Let them know you’re human too.
 Bring clarity to confusing situations.
 Give concise replies to complex problems.
 Speed is great but accuracy matters more.

What a great way to approach the support of your product and service. Enjoy.