4 thoughts to “Changing Education Paradigms”

  1. Repeatedly I’ve listened to SKR. I’ve listened to his talks over and over. It sinks in deeper and deeper every time. I don’t have the slightest bit of trouble understanding him, or processing his ideas. What I have trouble with is reacting. It’s like the times that you’re working on something, struggling to figure it out, then someone comes by and explains it to you and there you, amazed, and they only thing you can say is “oh.”

  2. Hi Melissa,Many thanks for commenting. I was a little stunned by this talk because I completely agree with everything Sir Ken is saying. However, I really have no idea how we can all start doing something to solve it. It takes a higher power than myself to make a lasting change.I know how you feel about the “oh”….ThanksRob..

  3. Thanks Sebi.It is indeed one of the best videos I’ve seen on it. I love the RSA vids, they are awesome.ThanksRob..

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