Change Agent

I was re-reading my old blogs from a few years back and realised that my views have changed a lot since then.

In fact, when I look back to several years ago I realise my views have dramatically changed. I’ve shifted my thoughts and ideas by a significant distance.

The reason for these changes are personal decisions (goals and ambitions), some were chance encounters (we could call it serendipity) and others were opportunities I sought out myself. Furthermore my blogging, writing and speaking at conferences has also widened my awareness field. I’m meeting more people and learning new tricks.

That’s not to say that these old ideas/experiences and ways of working were invaluable or wrong. They were moments in time, they were valuable experience, they have made me who I am today and they were most likely the best choice at that time with the information I had available. I am grateful for all of my opportunities and the people I have met. I truly am.


But I will change. In fact, I must keep changing.
•    When I started out in Testing I believed everything was controlled by a master test plan, some predefined test cases and a standard set of expected measurements.
•    I worked for a forward thinking Test Manager who bought the whole team a copy of “Testing Computer Software” by Cem Kaner.
•    I was “encouraged” to sit my ISTQB foundation exam which opened my eyes to the standardisation of talented people.
•    I was given a great opportunity to lead teams.
•    I was encouraged to blog about Testing, attend conferences and write for trade magazines.
•    I started speaking at conferences.
•    I got to speak face to face with well known Testing practitioners (they are very approachable).
•    I got a massively lucky break to stumble across the Software Testing Club and finally end up working alongside Rosie and team.
•    I got free reign of my Testing to ensure delighted customers rather than numbers in a spreadsheet.
•    I learned more and more about Exploratory Testing.
•    I re-found my passion for social sciences like communication and ethnography which I have managed to bring to my testing world.
•    I was also lucky enough to find a reader base for this blog and my other writing through The Software Testing Club (a big thanks to you all).
•    But most important of all; my experience, work, friends, family, network, goals and chance encounters have all changed my mind and my views as I journeyed through my testing career.

This post is beginning to sound very self centred, but there is a point to all of this.

I strongly believe in the human capacity for change. I believe we shouldn’t write someone off without exploring what we can learn from each other. I believe we should never assume we know it all and never assume other people know less than we do. I think we need to appreciate that people can and will change.I believe that people will change. That they can change. And that over time we must all change.

And if our insights and views on testing really haven’t changed in the last 10 years, then we probably need to look closer at why not.


2 thoughts on “Change Agent

  1. Part of what you write seems coming from me i.e. I identify with your thought process and agree with you from the heart. The thing about change and embracing it, being open-minded, learning ever & ever seems so logical yet it amazes me that people spend their whole life in what appears to me cloistered and detached from this life-changing process. The opportunities that you get which you then take it on, that takes your life in another direction, is real for everyone only that some people see it, some do not. Even periods of darkness is a period of great revival to me, I think because one learns from even being miserable.

  2. Hi Sandeep,Thanks for commenting. I think a lot of people would benefit from being open minded about new ideas and concepts.I really like the way you phrased this:”Even periods of darkness is a period of great revival to me” – outstanding.ThanksRob..

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