8 Lessons Learned From Building A Team

Building a successful test team is hard work. I’ve outlined 8 lessons learned from building a team in an article titled “The Blazingly Simple Guide To Growing A Test Team”. It has been published in the October edition of Testing Trapeze. 8 Lessons Learned From Building A Team The article sits along great articles from

Don’t rush in to a hiring decision

  It’s very easy when recruiting to rush in to a decision about hiring somebody, especially so when you haven’t been inundated with a significant number of good candidates. Be cautious though when making a decision and be sure that you’ve truly explored the options open to you.  It’s sometimes better to delay a hire

How to work with recruiters

It’s inevitable that at some point during your recruitment drive you will need to use a recruitment agency. Here’s how to work with recruiters. Argh – don’t worry – they aren’t all bad, in fact a great many are invaluable for finding you the right candidates. Here’s some of my advice about working with recruitment

Testing is bigger than just testing

Testers have a main expertise in software testing. Some testers could even have a more focused area of expertise such as usability, performance, security or exploratory testing. When recruiting testers, you’re more than likely looking for one of these testers who has a core expertise in testing. Sounds logical. But this is just an expertise

Collective Noun for Testers?

The other day I tweeted a picture of our test team testing together as a group (for the first time) in our new test lab. I asked “What do you call a collection of testers in a test lab?” Some interesting responses below. Are we heading towards a collective noun for testers? No doubt someone’s