Getting Hired – At Conferences

One of the things that I have observed from a number of testing conferences is that none of them have any sustained focus on hiring or getting hired *. There have been one or two sessions about the topic of hiring but nothing sustained. The occasional tracks that I have seen have been mostly focused

A conference story

Across the world there were similar journeys taking place. Delegates are boarding planes, trains and automobiles to attend a European conference in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. For some this journey is short. For others it’s epic. Some delegates would be travelling on their own. Others would be travelling with people they know; colleagues, friends,

Tester’s need to learn to code

Tester’s need to learn to code…. and any number of other way of paraphrasing Simon Stewarts comments in his Keynote at EuroSTAR 2012. I’m not entirely sure on the exact phrase he used but I heard a number of renditions after. They all alluded to the same outcome: “Testers need to code or they will

In pursuit of agile coolness

I’ve been doing a series of talks recently about agile being a mindset and not a methodology. At the core of the presentation (and the end talking points) are three questions: 1.At what point are you “agile”? 2.Are too many teams craving structure? 3.Is agile a methodology? I’ve also had some feedback that the graphs