Book Review : Team Geek

I’ve been reading Team Geek for a long time now. Not because it isn’t easy to read, or interesting, or useful, but because each chapter seems to hold a valuable lesson I can bring to the work place. And in doing this process of reading followed by action I’ve ended up taking a little longer to read this book than usual.

It really is a great book. I’ve recommended it to my peers and we’ve also ordered a couple of copies for the office. It’s maybe a step too far to say it’s essential reading for anyone working in a development culture but it should certainly be high on your reading list if you work in a tech department.

It’s packed with great hints, tips and stories on how to work better with others, how to respect other people and how to look at the big picture of the workplace. It’s written by Brian W. Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman, both well respected and established members of the development community who bring to this book a really good set of insights around people and how they work together.

There really are too many topics covered to summarise them here but the authors cover such topics as “How tools affect your culture”, being a “servant leader”, “growing cultures” and dealing with “poisonous” people.

The book is well written also and is super accessible. It’s clearly laid out and interspersed with some fun images which make reading this book enjoyable. It’s a really enjoyable book and one I think anyone working in tech would benefit from reading.

Note: The book I reviewed is a promotional copy obtained through the O’Reilly blogger review program.