Book : Designing Data Visualizations

I’ve just finished reading Designing Data Visualizations by Noah Iliinsky and Julie Steele.

It’s a very relevant book to many as we strive to communicate the growing amount of data we are capturing. The book introduces the many different types of data visualisations including infographics and the use of charts, tables, graphs etc. The authors spend a lot of time explaining the reasons behind the visualisations which is very important, but often overlooked in other books. There is lots of information about colours, fonts, audiences and purposes and the channels used.

The authors support each piece of information with examples and external references, which adds lots of credibility to their arguments. There are some really insightful ideas and a lot of examples of good and bad visualisations which help make each point easier to understand.

It’s great that the authors spend time talking about colour blindness and the psychology behind colours, locations, shapes and proximity. I found this chapter incredibly useful indeed.

At times it felt like the book repeated itself, especially in the first few chapters. I got the sense I was reading the same information again, but thankfully the later chapters made the content more distinct.

Overall this is an easy to read and fun book that gives you the background, insight and tool ideas needed for you to get cracking with building visuals. Very good book indeed.

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