Staple Yourself To It

In a test team meeting the other week I was reminded of a technique/game I’d been able to label after reading the amazing book Gamestorming. The technique/game is called “Staple Yourself To It”. In a nutshell it is about finding an object, message or aspect of your product and stapling yourself to it so that you […]

Opposite Views

At EuroSTAR 2012 I got talking to someone who had polar opposite views to mine on Testing and Agile implementation. Despite his opposite views and the fact I could counter almost anything he said from my own experience I knew deep down inside that he knew he was right. His solution, albeit not something I […]

Monitoring with NewRelic

Over the years I’ve come to rely on information radiators during testing to get immediate (or as quick as possible) feedback from the systems I’m testing. Firebug, log files, event logs and many other sources of information are all very useful to a tester. They can give you insights in to what is happening in […]

Failure Demand

One of the highlight talks from EuroSTAR 2012 was the keynote by John Seddon.   It wasn’t even a testing talk. It was a talk about value, waste and failure demand. The talk was about Vanguard’s (John’s company) work with Aviva Insurance to improve their system to provide value to the customer. It was an […]

Geeks hiring geeks

For those that are hiring managers there is a book I would most definately recommend you read. It’s a book called Hiring Geeks That Fit by Johanna Rothman. We’re not doing too bad at all at recruiting (we are recruiting again by the way!) but there are always lessons to be learned and advice to be […]