Rapid Reporting

After meeting Shmuel Gershon, probably the most energetic and enthusiastic tester on the Planet, at EuroSTAR 2010, I was introduced to a man of many talents. Not only does he like to read, write and talk about testing but he’s also adding back to the community in other ways with probably the most useful tool […]

Cannot Reproduce

Image from : viZZZual Call me old fashioned, but in all of my years working nothing has beaten a good old face to face conversation with a developer about an issue or bug in the software. Using a bug tracking system as the primary means of communication is a “no no” for me. Yet, last […]

Less is more

As a keen writer and communications fan I spend a lot of time looking at how I (or we) can improve our communication and one of the best techniques is to remove the bits of communication that people skip.   In the world of writing this means removing the sentences, words or entire chapters that […]

Lost in translation – a lesson learned at a hot dog stand – #agiletd

Image from : http://www.flickr.com/photos/bunchofpants/2946843497/sizes/z/in/photostream/ It seems there is inspiration for learning all around us. I’ve just got back to my room after a walk around the local area here at Agile Testing Days in Berlin. The location is excellent, despite being a distance from the airport, and the local area is just lovely. Lots of […]

There’s method in the madness

There’s a growing number of people in the testing world doing something I’ve been calling Method Testing, although that’s probably not the right term. Named after Method Acting (Wikipedia : Method actors are often characterized as immersing themselves in their characters to the extent that they continue to portray them even offstage or off-camera for […]

Enthusiasm is catching

Have you ever noticed how you suddeny become fired up when working/training/observing someone whose enthusiastic about their topic or subject of interest? Even if you don’t enjoy the subject, their enthusiasm still rubs off on you. You feel fired up to get out and do something you enjoy. You feel motivated. This last weekend I […]

Tool Time Part 1

I’ve tended to keep this blog more distanced from my day to day testing but this in itself has drawn some comments that I don’t talk about day to day “testing”. Well, I’ll hopefully address that with the following few posts about some of the tools and processes I use when testing. Most of my […]