The Blazingly Simple Guide To EuroSTAR

So here’s the scene.

You’ve got tickets for EuroSTAR. You’ve got your passport sorted (assuming you need it). You’re looking forward to getting to the event and kicking about with other rock-stars of testing.

But aaaarrggghh – you’ve never been to a big conference before, let alone EuroSTAR and you’re now a little worried you’ll not get the most from it.

You’re worried that you’ll miss out on crucial conversations. You’re worried that you’ll be all alone in the evening or maybe you’ve just not got your plans sorted for what you’re going to do at the event. Maybe you’re just not sure what to expect?

What follows is a very quick guide to getting the most from a EuroSTAR conference.

I’m no seasoned EuroSTAR veteran but I’m slowly clocking up conference trips and learning from each one I attend.

This guide is my way of sharing a few hints and tips with you before EuroSTAR kicks off.

Read more in this Blazingly Simple Guide To EuroSTAR Free PDF download.

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