Blaze Meter

A common problem for test teams looking to grow their performance testing capabilities is the lack of horse power to provide sufficient load. Well, step up Blaze Meter.

BlazeMeter is an on-demand load testing service which can take your jMeter scripts and deliver them across a number of their own machines/clients to give you the large load profile you want.

It’s a straight forward process to get scripts running through their simple and intuitive interface.

It’s got a wealth of performance metrics available for you to work through too, so you can clearly see how the tests have performed at a variety of points. There are also a number of advanced features for those more familiar with jMeter and performance testing.


It’s certainly a cost effective way of hitting high loads with your jMeter scripts, although you will need a decent test stack to support the delivered load.


We’ve had a great experience with Blaze Meter and their support was outstanding too.


And BTW – I’m not affiliated with Blaze Meter in the slightest – just a very happy customer


2 thoughts to “Blaze Meter”

  1. Hi Rob, Thank you for the ‘blazin’ review. A few extra items of note- we offer our users several free tools (a plugin to JMeter and a recently released Drupal module to east the pain of load testing Drupal sites) with more goodies to come! And Amanda and the rest of the CS team appreciate your ‘outstanding’ mention!
    Blazin’ Regards,
    Marketing Manager, BlazeMeter

  2. Hi Rob.

    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    Thank you very much for this review!!
    We are very passionate about what we do and constantly looking for our users feedback.

    All the best!
    Founder & CEO.

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