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It’s been a tough decision but I’ve decided to start a new experimental blog at Cultivated Management where I will be blogging about management, agile and testing. I do hope you will join me on that blog.

I will be leaving this blog up and running
Thanks. Rob


My name is Rob Lambert.

I’m a career coach and adviser to technology professionals. I help companies build engaged and self learning teams that deliver rapid software.

I’m on a personal mission to help as many other managers as possible become Cultivated Managers : Managers who develop their skills and experiences intentionally and make the hard job of management look easy.

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I’m an Engineering Manager at NewVoiceMedia helping to build truly awe inspiring cloud based contact centres.

When I became a manager I fell in to the role (like so many others) and no-one gave me a guide on how to do it. I read, watched, observed and iterated my way through tough times and turbulent unknowns to become the manager I am today. I’m going to share my learnings, ideas and thoughts with you so you can skip forward andĀ fast track your journey to being a cultivated manager.

I’m also a career coach and adviser to technology professionals, so expect a few personal development articles thrown in for good measure.

My management style is focused on people. No carrots and sticks on this blog.

In my own small way I’m hoping to help to nurture the next generation of technical leaders who will help to build secure and reliable software – after all, much of my kids future is set to be reliant on software and technology – and I hope it’s tested well.


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You can now find me at howdy@cultivatedmanagement.com


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