Berlin. Agile Testing Days. Last day

We are mid way through the final day of Agile Testing Days. I’ve done my presentation now. Phew. First one done.


Last night was a really good evening ‘chill out’ dinner with lots of beer and dancing. See the pictures for more.


The closing talk last night was by Tom Gilb. At first I didn’t understand it and it sounded very unagile. But I got the point. Do less up front design and make sure your requirements are requirements and not design. With some simple rules I feel a little more empowered to apply some of this thinking.


Mary P did a good key note this morning talking about defect injection mainly.


It was really good to meet so many new people last night at the dinner. The community here is incredibly diverse but that adds to the atmosphere and makes it a really interesting and fun place to be. The conference has been really well organised and the entertainment and hospitality is fantastic. Thanks to Jose and his team for that