Effective job adverts for testers

When recruiting software testers many hiring managers often look for the impossible candidate who can do everything. These people don’t exist yet many hiring managers continue to place job adverts that seek out these candidates.   What follows are 5 ways that will help you to create effective adverts for recruiting software testers When I

8 Lessons Learned From Building A Team

Building a successful test team is hard work. I’ve outlined 8 lessons learned from building a team in an article titled “The Blazingly Simple Guide To Growing A Test Team”. It has been published in the October edition of Testing Trapeze. 8 Lessons Learned From Building A Team The article sits along great articles from

Don’t rush in to a hiring decision

  It’s very easy when recruiting to rush in to a decision about hiring somebody, especially so when you haven’t been inundated with a significant number of good candidates. Be cautious though when making a decision and be sure that you’ve truly explored the options open to you.  It’s sometimes better to delay a hire

How to work with recruiters

It’s inevitable that at some point during your recruitment drive you will need to use a recruitment agency. Here’s how to work with recruiters. Argh – don’t worry – they aren’t all bad, in fact a great many are invaluable for finding you the right candidates. Here’s some of my advice about working with recruitment

Testing is bigger than just testing

Testers have a main expertise in software testing. Some testers could even have a more focused area of expertise such as usability, performance, security or exploratory testing. When recruiting testers, you’re more than likely looking for one of these testers who has a core expertise in testing. Sounds logical. But this is just an expertise