Another Crowdsourced Testing Service – with gamification

I was hanging out at Google Campus Cafe yesterday in London and checking out the notice board when my eyes were drawn to a sign that said:

“Testers wanted”

It turns out the sign was for another crowd sourcing community of testers called Testlio. The crowd-sourced business model is growing in popularity and can be a good fit for companies wanting something tested in the wild, on a wide variety of devices or sporadically (so have no need for a dedicated test resource).


I do quite like the gamifications aspects of Testlio though and the fact the testing is pitched as “challenges”. Points are awarded for these challenges as well as doing other things like asking questions and responding to questions. This helps to build a community aspect and engagement.

There are lots of crowd sourcing sites popping up and some consultancy companies have started to offer this model as a way of catering for the need for this approach to testing