Agile. Testing. Days

Agile Testing Days 2009 was one of the first major conferences I ever attended and I loved every single minute of it. It was a real eye opener for me as it brought me in to face to face contact with many of the leading agile testing practitioners like Lisa Crispin and Elizabeth Hendrickson plus many more.

The talks were not only insightful and passionate but the conversations they spawned after were a real pleasure to be a part of. And that’s one of the great things about the agile community; it’s full of people wanting to further the craft of agile and testing. People wanting to sit down and chat about agile, about testing, about development, about anything. I think the social side of any conference are the most valuable moments. The chance to get snippets of information, the chance to exchange ideas and stories and the chance to meet like minded people. I’m truly looking forward to Agile Testing Days 2010 but am getting scaredy now about my presentation.

It’s been through so many iterations that it’s not at all like the first draft. Agile maybe? I’ll be posting it out on here after the event.

And if you get the chance to get along to Agile Testing Days – jump at it, grab it and run with it.

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  1. I am also looking this type of conferences. So, please let me know about these type of conferences.

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