Agile South Coast Meetup

I attended the Agile South Coast Meetup last night in Southampton, the first one I’ve been to in about 3 years. It was good to meet up with the guys again and despite a small crowd it was an interesting evening. The first part of the talk was about change models and then the second part talked about how we could change the group and move it forward. I for one didn’t realise it was a group committee planning session but never-the-less some interesting discussions were had.

The group can be found on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.

Mike Williams kicked off the introduction followed by Plamen Balkanski who talked about making a difference using the change management 3.0 model by Jurgen Appelo.

Plamen talked about why we should make change happen?
He cited a prosci study 2009 which showed that teams that can change were successful.

Plamen also mentioned a number of excellent books about motivation, change and inspiration including Drive (By Dan Pink), and Creating Passion-Driven Teams (By Dan Bobinski)

How did we get here?
Plamen mentioned the three major changes in management

Management 1.0 – i.e Taylorism
Management 2.0 –  same frameworks plus add on like, TQM and Six Sigma
Management 3.0 by jurgen appelo – which talked about Complexity.

Plamen introduced the following ideas from Management 3.0

1. Energise people
2. Empowering teams
3. Align constraints
4. Develop competence
5. Grow structure
6. Improve everything

He then moved on to talk about change management 3.0.

He talked about dancing with the system if you cannot control it. And then moved on to talk about the Deming Plan. Do. Check. Act framework.

Talked about the adkar model
– awareness
– desire
– knowledge
– ability
– reinforcement

He then talked about stimulating the network and the innovation adoption curve (initiators, innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards)

He also then moved on to talk about the 5 i’s (Information, identity, incentives, infrastructure, institutions)

As you can see we talked about a lot of useful models and frameworks which were then put in to practice in the second half of the sessions as we worked through each model with reference to Agile South Coast user group. There were some good ideas generated for the future and how the group can move forward.

If you’re in the South region of the UK (Hampshire, Dorset etc) and interested in scrum, agile, lean etc then it’s worth joining the group and getting involved.