A Testing Bash…in Cambridge

One of the things me and Rosie have always dreamed of doing for The Software Testing Club was to host a small event. We wanted to do something for the community and have fun in the process.

We originally thought of doing a big Christmas party but The Testing Planet grew beyond our expectations and took over our lives (in a good way). We also started doing things to build solid foundations that could sustain the club and all of the cool things we offer so we could move forward with speed.

Thankfully, the time has come to announce that we are holding a small gathering in the delightfully English city of Cambridge*.

It is strictly limited to 100 places and these are selling fast. We have some truly knowledgeable and talented people lined up to speak and there is no doubt everyone will come away from the event with more insights, learnings and ideas than they went in with.

There will be interactive activities, games and some cool social activities to build a sense of collaboration and learning. There will be places to chill out and chat about Testing. It’s gonna be great, if I do say so myself.

Just check out the lineup : Steve Green, Alan Richardson, Antony Ribot, Adam Knight, Fred Beringer, Anna Baik, Markus Gartner….and more.

Check out the location : http://www.cambridge.org/pittbuilding/ <–beautiful place full of history.

Check out the price : £99 for all of those early birds.

I for one am very excited to be part of this event. With a limit of 100 delegates we’re aiming to keep the focus on learning and sharing. In keeping with the vibe of The Software Testing Club we want this event to be somewhere where people can share their ideas, make friends and connections and take away something for their own work place.

It’s going to be an amazing way for us to meet even more Testing Club members and create something pretty cool at the same time. We’d love you to attend and we’d appreciate all the help we can in spreading the news about the event too.

Hope to see some of you there.


* Cambridge’s most famous contribution is of course Cambridge University which has given us the likes of John Cleese, Charles Darwin, David Attenborough, David Starkey, Alan Turing, Lloyd Grossman, Stephen Hawking and yes, even Michael Winner and Vanessa Feltz.