A Social Intranet

A few years back I spent some time helping a company move to a social intranet. Here is the old mind map I put together to help explain why a social intranet is so valuable to a company who mainly work in the knowledge industry.

Identifying why something could work and what benefits it can bring is the foundation of making changes in your organisation.

We’ve recently moved forward with Confluence here at NewVoiceMedia as a social intranet and I used this basic mind map as a starting point for helping to bring about this change.

It’s great to see how people are now collaborating on work items and sharing ideas. It’s not just the Development team that are using Confluence, the wider business have picked it up with Gusto also.


For those who find mind maps tricky to read in this blog clicking on this link will take you to the mind map on the Xmind website.

There is also a text only version of this mind map here. (the text only versions loses the concept of nested ideas and essentially reads as one a large flat file)

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    1. Hi Jesper.
      Great post and thanks for the link to the zdnet job description – it sounds very much like where my role is heading!

      Thanks again

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