Collective Noun for Testers?

The other day I tweeted a picture of our test team testing together as a group (for the first time) in our new test lab.


I asked “What do you call a collection of testers in a test lab?”

Some interesting responses below. Are we heading towards a collective noun for testers? No doubt someone’s done a collective noun post before 🙂


Stephen Newton @SteveAN01 – a play group. Or an informative.

@paul_gerrard – A “Newsroom of testers”

AQtime @aqtimepro – An argument waiting to happen.

George Dinwiddie @gdinwiddie – an exploration?

Darren Hails @rw_testing – correctly located!

mubbashir @mubbashir – Breaking Bad 😉

James Salt @saltpy – happy 🙂

Mark Keats @mkeats – A crash of testers.

neill mccarthy @MccarthyNeill – a curious of…?

Amy Phillips @ItJustBroke – Dangerous

James Lyndsay @workroomprds – an expedition


Thanks to all who responded.