A conference story

Across the world there were similar journeys taking place. Delegates are boarding planes, trains and automobiles to attend a European conference in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. For some this journey is short. For others it’s epic. Some delegates would be travelling on their own. Others would be travelling with people they know; colleagues, friends, […]

Using Videos to demo

For the last few sprints we’ve been demonstrating our user stories (i.e. completed work) using the medium of video. It’s been really interesting to see how the teams have moved to video with ease. The videos are often hilarious, some featuring more tech wizardry than others but all of them a great show of creativity. […]

Ha ha – told you so

Quite often I hear presentations and discussions from testers who talk about those moments when they feel it appropriate to say “Ha Ha, Told You So”. You know? Those moments when the testers advice was ignored and it all went pear shaped. Or the time a tester said the company should be testing earlier, only […]