Under Test


Always good to test systems, but testing the live system….for a long time…….at peak bus journey time…….at a busy bus station? Panic ensued.

Yet in this instance; when people were desperate to see what time the buses were running, mobile technology became the hub of activity. Myself and two others with mobile internet were tracking the bus times. As more people gathered to find out the times, this in turn attracted even more people.

A few thoughts from this:

At what point do systems we’ve traditionally relied on become obsolete, and what do we replace them with? (we can’t assume everyone will have mobile internet)

Why is testing of these types of systems done during peak time (assuming that the message is honest)?

At what point do we improve the service we offer so we no longer need to track bus journeys and estimate the time of arrival? (I’m thinking on the Japanese train system which is legendary in it’s speed, accuracy and reliability – but I guess they still track train times???)

Why, when systems are taken down, are alternatives not put in place?

As testers how can we “test” in live whilst still maintaining a service?

And a million more questions that are flying through my head.