Some useful add-ons for testing

Firefox’s add-ons are proving invaluable to me as a web tester but there are also some awesome tools for improving the efficiency of everyday tasks too. I’ve compiled my favourite Firefox Add-ons here (in no particular order). Note: IE, Chrome and Opera also have some useful add ons. ( ( ( Selenium IDE Web […]

Stick it to me

I’m in the process of putting together a fun little eBook consisting of a collection of sticky notes from testers around the globe.   The simple premise is that each sticky note contains a personal response to the following question:   “Why do you enjoy software testing?” Although the eBook will offer no quantitative measurement […]

Agile scared me

I’ve been noticing posts, comments and tweets about agile recently where people are being incredibly derogatory and negative. Almost to the point where their comments are bordering on offensive. The trouble is most of these people openly admit they have never actually worked in an agile environment. So what gives?   You know what I […]

In pursuit of agile coolness

I’ve been doing a series of talks recently about agile being a mindset and not a methodology. At the core of the presentation (and the end talking points) are three questions: 1.At what point are you “agile”? 2.Are too many teams craving structure? 3.Is agile a methodology? I’ve also had some feedback that the graphs […]