UKTMF Annual Summit

I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday at the UKTMF annual summit hosted at The Institute of Directors. Let’s start by thanking Paul Gerrard, Susan Windsor, Julia Garrard and all the others who helped out in creating a great event. Must also shout out to the sponsors who make the event possible.

Superb day and I thoroughly enjoyed presenting my talk on agile being a mindset rather than a methodology. There were some great discussions going and it generated some good points to incorporate and mill over. Thanks to Susan for aiding me through the presentation and helping me facilitate my first ever UKTMF session. Loved it. And big thanks to all who gave me positive feedback after.

Second session I attended was a talk by Ray Arell from Intel who gave a great introduction about how Intel got agile rolling for some of their projects. It was good to see commonality in the stuff I was talking about and what Ray was saying. He had some cool slides which really gave a good insight in to how they got agile working for their business. Great talk and some really interesting chats after about agile and how to solve some of the common problems.

Lunch was great. Good selection, plenty of it.

I then sat in on Paul’s talk about innovations in testing where he talked about BDD, the cloud (and virtualisation) and Crowdsourcing (a favourite topic of mine). I always find it interesting how diverse the attendees are, with some having no concept of the cloud and others already taking full advantage of it. It’s always interesting to hear what other people think of the testing role and Paul did a fab job of instigating some discussions around that topic.

For the final session of the day I attended Susan Windsor’s debate session. It was an argumental style debate around requirements and whether testers need detailed requirements. Really good format and some completely opposing views but some interesting chats about testing. Susan is going to be uploading the slides and findings to the UKTMF site, so worth looking out for them for what was discussed.

Closing talk was by Dorothy Graham who did a fantastic talk about cognitive illusions. Great topic about how our subconscious (and conscious) mind tells us things that aren’t necessarily true. Interesting topic which is very applicable to our daily testing lives. She also ended talking about the brain makeup of developers, testers and managers. Added to this were the agilists and the traditionalists. They were hilarious and if you get the chance to see Dot presenting these then I would suggest you jump at the opportunity.

Great to see some of the people from Software Testing Club there and also had some interesting chats with people about visualisation of Exploratory Testing and how to bring more stuff to the community.There’s loads of cool stuff happening in the test community. Great opportunity to also meet people I’ve been tweeting with and chatting with via email. Really great community feel to the event.

If you get the chance to get along to one of these events then I would really recommend it. The topics being talked about are great and the crowd is very welcoming. Evening dinner was great too. Good food, good drink…good opportunity for photos.