100g of ability, pinch of willing, bags of passion, 50g of interest, a slice of learning. Pan Fry. Testing……Done.

The new series of the Gordon Ramsay’s F Word is back on TV here in the UK. This series Ramsey et al are in search of Britain’s best restaurant by cultural cuisine type (i.e. Chinese, Thai, French etc).


I wouldn’t normally be referring to Gordon Ramsay or British TV except that something struck me about the restaurants, in fact more precisely, the chefs that make it in to the final cook-off on the F Word. The chefs all seems to share something in common……Passion.


Their passion is for cooking. But not just for doing the action of cooking but also helping other people to learn more about cooking as well as building their own knowledge during that process. Each of the chefs run very successful restaurants, with awesome food but more importantly from my view is that they all also run weekend or out of hours cooking courses.


In the testing world over the past few weeks there have been lots of discussions about training. Matt Heusser posted some stuff on his blog the other week about training (or lack of) http://blogs.stpcollaborative.com/matt/2009/11/18/you-say-you-want-a-revolution/.  Selena Delesie posted about coaching testing skills http://selenadelesie.com/2009/11/25/coaching-testing-skills/ and twitter has been awash with talk of certifications and training.


So what’s my point? Well, my point is that for those of us who are passionate about what we do it is inevitable that many of us will want to share and contribute to community projects and training. It’s not every ones calling and some people don’t thrive in social environments. But for those that do, training and coaching local testers is a really great way to share your passion for testing. It’s also a fantastic way of building on your own knowledge.


So maybe the time has come for us to get involved in promoting testing, cultivating testing, getting local community testing groups flourishing but most important of all; offering a place for people to learn more about testing.


Too many people sit back and complain about lack of training for testers. Instead, why not create yourself a community group, join a local testing group, build your network and try to get some local learning going.


But most of all. Enjoy it.


(picture courtest of Fernando on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fernando/)


P.S – For those who don’t know about Gordon Ramsay, try watching an episode of F Word. Done.

2 thoughts on “100g of ability, pinch of willing, bags of passion, 50g of interest, a slice of learning. Pan Fry. Testing……Done.

  1. For those who want to share their passion or re-ignite it there are loads of things going on:The (London) Agile Testing Meetup Grp: http://tinyurl.com/ygjt9zx is a monthly meeting of testers generously hosted by Skillsmatter and you can find the podcast from the first meeting on their site: http://tinyurl.com/yhyhloyThere's also the Weekend Testers: http://weekendtesting.com/To name two. Have a look around, I’m sure there will be something to tweak your interest.

  2. Tony,Thanks for commenting. Indeed, two awesome groups of testers. ThanksRob..

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