The Social Tester Book

Like most Software Testers I fell in to the world of Software Testing.

I needed a job after Uni and one popped up down the road. It sounded like a good opportunity to get in to the tech world – and it was. I made great friends, learned a lot and got stuck in to the profession that was software testing.

I soon wanted the leave the industry though. Job after job after job kept it somewhat interesting but I felt I was always clearing up someone else’s mess. Dodgy code, ill thought out requirements, poor communication. Everything ended up with testing dealing with the fallout. The whole test cases design and execution against a spec thing was also tediously tedious.

So I made a plan to quit the industry. Then fate dealt a hand. I got offered an interesting job after relocating and I discovered Agile Software Development. I recommitted to testing under two main principles:

  1. Firstly – I would understand all I could about agile development – it removed the tediously tedious test case nonsense.
  2. Secondly – I would weave in my love of writing, social media and storytelling.

So I took the job, started a blog (this one!) and started sharing my stories online and from the stage.

Fast forward 10 years or so, a few books in, 1000+ blog posts, an award for best tutorial and many conferences under my belt. I turned around a tech team from yearly releases to weekly, scaled the team from 8 people to 100+ in UK and Poland and mentored and hired my way out of the Dev Management job. I’m now a VP doing the same thing in HR and learning all about the world of business communications.

I’m still a tester at heart. I still run webtestingbasics. I blog at Cultivated Management. I still write books. I still present at testing/dev conferences.

In this book you’ll find my best articles from the last decade of this journey. You’ll learn how to measure testing, communicate about testing, enhance your career, start speaking at events, designing strong testing “services” and how to rock your career as a software tester.

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About Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert


Rob Lambert is a Keynote presenter, award winning trainer and professional agile manager.

He was the creator of the Tester Types, founded The Testing Planet and helped grow The Software Testing Club whilst Creative Director.

He has written multiple books such as;

His company Cultivated Management helps companies build agile teams and managers remain relevant, employable and healthy.

Rob lives in Winchester, UK. He has a wonderful wife and three adorable little boys. He also has an unhealthy obsession with cars.


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