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Hello and welcome to The Social Tester blog by Rob Lambert.

On this blog you will find 400+ posts on Software Testing, Agile Development, DevOps and Management. I no longer contribute to this blog anymore, but I’ll be leaving the content online for the foreseeable future.

If you don’t fancy scooting through 8 year’s worth of writing about testing, then my book, The Social Tester, has my most popular blog posts along with a couple of never seen before articles.

Cultivated Management

I am now running Cultivated Management – a blog about management and building agile teams. Please feel free to join me over there now.

I am still doing talks and community events in the testing community. I also still run tutorials and workshops. You can find out more on Cultivated Management.

How to Remain Relevant

Remaining relevant and employable in our changing world is tricky – that’s why I’ve written a book all about getting good jobs, upskilling, writing cracking CVs and excelling in an interview. It’s on Amazon here.


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I write about building great development teams, solving technical problems and hiring.

You can find out more about me on the Cultivated Management website.