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Hello and welcome to The Social Tester blog by Rob Lambert.

Announcement – a new book with my best articles from this blog and some previously unpublished material is available on Amazon now!

I started the social tester blog around 2007/2008 and it’s been a blast writing content for you, my readers. Thank you so much for supporting me, helping me and being there for me. I hope I helped you all with your careers as testers.

The truth is that I no longer do any testing. Instead, I create space for great testing to happen by working as a manager now. But my role doesn’t just include managing testers, it also encompasses scrum masters, developers and other roles. My work is more strategy, coaching and empowerment than testing.

I won’t be adding new content to this blog anymore as I embark on my new project, but I will leave this blog open. There are over 500 posts on this blog.

To save you the hassle of rooting through them I’ve just published my favourite, my top rated and some previously unpublished articles in a new book. There are 106 articles in the book and you can buy here.

I’m considering the book the metaphorical closing of the door on The Social Tester site. It’s a sad time, but also an optimistic time and a time for a new future.

What am I up to now?

I’m starting a new blog and business at Cultivated Management where I will blog about management, building teams with agility and learning at the core and of course, how testing fits in to the wider system.

If you’re a parent and you’re looking to remain relevant and employable then you might be interested in my parent brain newsletter too.

My other book remaining relevant and employable (testers edition) can be bought here, and the generic version of Remaining Relevant can be bought on Amazon here.

Stay in touch. See you soon at a conference. And keep flying the flag for testers everywhere.


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I write about building great development teams, solving technical problems and hiring. I’m part of a management team that are scaling agile development across territories whilst keeping the candidate bar high.

Recruitment and management have been my life for the last 5 years and I love it.