Welcome to The Social Tester

Hello and welcome to The Social Tester blog by Rob Lambert.

On this blog you will find 400+ posts on Software Testing, Agile Development, DevOps and Management. I no longer contribute to this blog anymore, but I’ll be leaving the content online for the foreseeable future.

If you don’t fancy scooting through 8 year’s worth of writing about testing, then hop on over to Amazon and buy The Social Tester book.

The book has around 100 of my favourite articles, and a few previously unpublished ones, all in one book.

The book is onĀ Amazon now!

Cultivated Management

I am now running Cultivated Management – a blog about management and building agile teams. Please feel free to join me over there now.

I am still doing talks and community events in the testing community. I also still run tutorials and workshops. You can find out more on Cultivated Management.

How to Remain Relevant

My other book remaining relevant and employable (testers edition) can be bought here, and the generic version of Remaining Relevant can be bought on Amazon here.


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I write about building great development teams, solving technical problems and hiring.

You can find out more about me on the Cultivated Management website.